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A place for Marin MTB users to sell, buy and barter mountain bike, cyclocross and klunker schwag.
1 1 10 years 34 weeks ago
by goto11
Post items you would like to sell here. Indicate if you're interested in barter and/or cash (e.g. "will barter my thumb shifters for home brew").
3 4 9 years 28 weeks ago
by goto11
Post items you want to buy here. Maybe someone has them sitting around and would like to sell or barter (e.g. "will barter my home brew for your thumb shifters")?
3 3 9 years 30 weeks ago
by goto11
4 8 9 years 29 weeks ago
by goto11
Reviews of mountain bike lighting systems.
1 1 10 years 6 days ago
by goto11
Local bike shops.
4 6 10 years 33 weeks ago
by goto11
Mountain bike rides in and around Marin County, California, USA.
2 5 10 years 1 week ago
by goto11
Sign up for an account and, if approved, you'll be able to view these rides and add your own favorite trails.
Rides and events should be posted on the Ride & Event Calendar. Use the forums to post descriptions of rides, and use the calendar to announce rides for other members to join you.
Rides in and around China Camp State Park
3 17 7 years 49 weeks ago
by Mykul
Rides out of Fairfax, the Mecca
4 8 8 years 9 weeks ago
by lbuck
Rides on Mount Tamalpais
4 7 10 years 6 weeks ago
by justsob
Rides through Terra Linda/Sleepy Hollow/Fairfax Open Space land
3 4 8 years 47 weeks ago
by goto11
Rides in West Marin, e.g. Bolinas, Inverness, etc.
2 5 10 years 7 weeks ago
by justsob
Rides outside Marin County.
5 10 8 years 41 weeks ago
by lbuck
Rides that don't fit into any of the other categories.
1 2 10 years 26 weeks ago
by Neela
3 5 10 years 1 week ago
by ericw311
Every bike has a story to tell...
3 7 8 years 10 weeks ago
by goto11
Discussions on bike technology.
6 11 8 years 4 weeks ago
by goto11
Tales of epic rides and other MTB memories. Visible only to Marin MTB members.
1 1 11 years 25 weeks ago
by goto11
Embed videos, create photo galleries and post stories here that get you fired up for your next ride! This forum is visible to the public, but only members can post content.
9 10 8 years 4 weeks ago
by goto11
1 1 9 years 28 weeks ago
by goto11