Bolinas Ridge

One often overlooked and sanctioned trail out in west marin is McCurdy trail in Dogtown.  there are a couple ways to access the trail head.

1) ride out of Woodacre/Forest Knolls up to Bolinas ridge, ride the ridge trail until the trailhead (~2.5 miles on right)

2) start at the top of Bofax at ridgecrest head North on Bolinas ridge trailhead 2ish miles trailhead on left

3) start in dogtown, ride up Randall trail turn right on Bolinas Ridge 1/3 mile trailhead on right.

McCurdy is a fast double to single(esk) track trail bombs in and out of tree cover to open run off channels. 

Word of caution... be sure to hit huge waterbars perpendicular or it might upset your lines (water bars cut at hard angles in the clearings).  I'll grab a gps plot from the area in the next week or so. See loop below.