Fairfax - Tamarancho extension options.

After riding tamarancho you could always find your way up b-17 into a plethora of other ride options.

*Solstice – Ride out of Tamarancho via B-17, turn right at the fire road. Take the Fire road to Porcupine, ride to the bridge cross under and up the next super steep fire road at the junction (Gun Shot FR). Alternately ride old railroad to White Hill school and up Smith Fire Road at the end of Glen Drive to the Solstice connecting single tracks.

*Repack – all locals should have at least one ride down this historic trail in their lifetime. Take White’s hill FR up to Pine mountain FR Turn left head 1.5 mile to Repack/pine mountain proper. Repack is to the left, the Pine mountain loop is to the right. At the bottom of repack I suggest crossing right over the bridge and following that trail to cascade ave which will take you down into Fairfax. In the winter the river will be flowing good so you’re going to get soaked when you cross it 4 times to get to Cascade ave. Stop at Gestalt for a beer.

*Pine mountain – Fire road riding with some mileage. Used to be the home of Paradigm, not sure if that’s still around in one form or another.

*Hunter’s camp/Forest knolls – couple options out here, You could ride any of the many Hunter’s camp trails (all not on maps) I suggest taking someone who knows the area verses me trying to dish out instructions. Also there a few “interesting” trails on many of the off shoots from the 17 knolls FR. I have ridden down what seemed to start out as a deer trail but turned into a super scary but fun single track through the woods, which started off the first FR off from Whites Hill. All of these of course are more or less un-maintained and should be ridden at your own risk, again take someone who knows the area well.