Tamarancho Trail News, 2/2011

February 2011              Editor: Danny Forer

Tamarancho Trail News
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Table of Contents:     

  1. 2011 Tamarancho Annual Passes Now on Sale
  2. Tamarancho Trailwork Schedule
  3. "When it Rains, Let it Drain"
  4. One Way Direction? Input Requested

1. 2011 Tamarancho Annual Passes Now on Sale 

The "blue" 2010 Tamarancho Passes are NOW EXPIRED. Please avoid embarrassement-- when "pass checked" at Tamarancho DON'T show the ranger last year's pass. Now is the time to recycle those passes as luggage tags. 

The new and current 2011 Tamarancho Annual Passes are now on sale.  The 2011 Pass is valid for unlimited riding until December 31, 2011. The cost for the pass is $45 for an Individual Pass, and $60 for a Family Pass (2 adults living in the same household).

Also available, is the new TWO YEAR GOLD PASS, which is valid until December 31, 2012. The cost for the GOLD PASS is $80 for an individual and $110 for a family.

To purchase a pass online, with a credit card, go to:


If you want to pay by check, print out an application and mail to the scouts. If you wish to pay by cash, print out an application, and the address for the scouts office in San Rafael is listed on the application.

To print out a 2011 application go to:


Notes about the 2011 Annual Passes:

1. A plastic pass will be sent to you via snail mail.

2. Carry the receipt until you receive your pass.

Day Passes cost $5, and are available online (print out the pass on your own printer). For a day pass go to:

Purchase Day Pass and Print On Your Printer

Also, you can purchase a day pass at the following bike stores:
Fairfax Cyclery and Sunshine Bikes (Fairfax)
Summit Bike (San Rafael)
Caesar's Bike and Paradigm (San Anselmo)
Bike Works (San Anselmo)

2. Tamarancho Trailwork Report

The trails at Tamarancho were built, over a 6 year period by volunteer cyclists. The construction was paid for and coordinated by the Bicycle Trails Council of Marin (BTCM) with president Jim Jacobsen supervising the project.

Each year, since the construction, BTC coordinates trailwork days to maintain the trails. This involves improving drainage, cutting back foliage, removing invasive plants, and more.

In December and January over the course of 6 trailwork days, about 200 volunteers showed up. In addition to the general work of improving drainage, removing invasive plants, laying down tons of gravel the follow special projects were completed:

1. New bypass trail around the "rock face" near the bottom of Serpentine trail. This new 300' bypass trail (some call it the "ADA Trail") includes one switchback, and it bypasses the very difficult "rock face" move. Some use it uphill only, others for both uphills and downhills, and some riders will ignore it and challenge themselves with the difficult on trail obstacle.

2. New drop off on Serpentine trail. When coming from Goldman Trail, riding the downhill on first part of Serpentine trail, look for the new entrance ramp to the rock with a drop off, and the gravel landing. For advanced riders only! 

For more information about trail issues contact: Jim Jacobsen-- BTCJim@comcast.net or 415/342-7432. 

3. "When it Rains, Let it Drain"

The trails at Tamarancho are open all year and we want to continue to have this policy. However, after a big rain storm things can get a bit "mushy" for a few days.

Heavy bike use on wet trails can lead to ruts and water damage.

We encourage FOT members to give Tamarancho a chance to dry out before riding immediately after a storm.

Mt. Tam, the Headlands, and China Camp all drain very well, and we encourage you and your friends to ride in those areas following a big rain dump.

Thanks for your assistance

Bicycle Trails Council

(Volunteers who built and maintain Tamarancho)  

4.   One Way Direction? Input Requested

If you have ridden the camp on a sunny Saturday afternoon you will probably notice how popular the trails are with mountain bikers. We have had a couple of suggestions for making the trails "one-way" on weekends.  

The "one-way" directions would just be suggestions and not a requirement. For example there might be signs saying "Saturdays suggested direction is clockwise". Or, "on even days suggested direction is counter-clockwise".  

What do you think about that idea? Do you have other suggestions about this or other ways to deal with congestion on the trails on the weekends?.

Again, at this time, nothing is planned. But we would like your input.

Danny Forer  d4er@comcast.net 

Jim Jacobsen  BTCJim@comcast.net

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For information or comments about Tamarancho bike program,
please contact Danny Forer at D4er@comcast.net