Buy: Steel road bike 56-58cm. Enough with the single speeds already

I am so sick of single speeds. Want to know why there are so many single speed bikes for sale on cl? Because people who don't know any better think they're cool, then decide to sell them once they realize that gears are kinda nice to have. I apologize to the three people who are in good enough shape to seriously ride these things. Don't even get me started on all the home-made fixies out there made by pulling the parts off an old road bike and re-selling on cl.

I just want a nice 56 to 58 cm cromoly steel touring/cyclocross frame, maybe even a whole bike, preferably with disc mounts, but I could rock the cantis. I'm so sick of all the single speeds. I feel better now that that's off my chest. Do you have a bike you want to sell me? No, I don't want your overpriced single speed/fixie. I know it's vintage, and you had it powder coated. I'm not cool enough.