Tamarancho Trail News, 7/2011

JULY 2011              Editor: Danny Forer

Tamarancho Trail News
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  1. Half Year Passes Now on Sale
  2. Summer at Tamarancho
  3. Computer Donation Wanted for Tamarancho
  4. Repack Flashback Benefit Party - Sunday, July 10
  5. "Mountain Biking Marin" Skill Clinics

1. Half Year Passes Now on Sale


1/2 YEAR, and the new 18 month GOLD PASS are now on sale. The Half Year Pass is valid for unlimited riding until December 31, 2011. The cost for the Individual Pass is $25, and $45 for a Family Pass (2 adults living in the same household).

Also available, is the new 18 month GOLD PASS, which is valid until December 31, 2012. The cost for the GOLD PASS is $65 for an individual and $95 for a family.

To purchase a pass online, with a credit card, go to:

If you want to pay by check, print out an application and mail to the scouts. If you wish to pay by cash, print out an application, and the address for the scouts office in San Rafael is listed on the application.
To print out a 2011 1/2 year and the GOLD PASS application go to:

Notes about the 2011 Annual Passes:
1. A plastic pass will be sent to you via snail mail.
2. Carry the receipt until you receive your pass.

Day Passes cost $5, and are available online (print out the pass on your own printer). For a day pass go to:
Purchase Day Pass and Print On Your Printer

Also, you can purchase a day pass at the following bike stores:

Fairfax Cyclery and Sunshine Bikes (Fairfax)
Summit Bike (San Rafael)
Caesar's Bike and Paradigm (San Anselmo)
Bike Works (San Anselmo)

2. Summer at Tamarancho


During the summer the Boy Scout Camp will have numerous activities for kids and adults. This is in addition to heavy mtb bike use as well. So please remember:

The center of camp is off limits to bikes. We think that Tamarancho is possibly the only place you will a sign that says "Bikes Must Stay On Singletrack". (That is why that sign was our logo). The reason for the sign is that the perimeter trail is bike legal, if you have a pass, but bikes are not allowed on the fireroads that lead to the center of camp.

So no problem, stay on the sweet flowy singletrack.

Also, please be aware that Iron Springs Road, the main avenue into the camp will have heavier than normal car/bus traffic at this time of year. Descend in control.

3. Computer Donation Wanted for Tamarancho

We are looking for a donation of a used computer and a monitor to use to sell day passes at Fairfax Cyclery. Of course this is tax deductable to the extent allowed by law.

Monitor- flat panel only please. Any size
Computer- apple or PC (not an antique).

If you have any of the above and wish to donate contact:

Danny Forer d4er@comcast.net

4.  Repack Flashback Benefit Party - Sunday, July 10


Come celebrate Fairfax as the Birthplace of the Mountain Bike. Sponsored by the Fairfax Chamber of Commerce, this event is a benefit celebration party, to raise funds to build and install a monument to Marin mountain biking.

Sunday July 10
Peri Park
Beer/Food/Live Music

For more information contact Heidi Adler at Version:1.0 hcadler@comcast.net

5. "Mountain Biking Marin" Skill Clinics

Want to improve your singletrack skills?

Mountain Biking Marin is a local private company that conducts skill classes and clinics in cross country, freeride and downhill. They schedule individual sessions to accommodate your skill level and schedule.

For more information go to our website: www.mountainbikingmarin.com 

Contact Information


For information or comments about Tamarancho bike program,
please contact Danny Forer at D4er@comcast.net