DT Swiss EX 1750 Wheel set

I don't know if anybody really cares or not, but I thought I'd give a review of the DT Swiss EX 1750 Wheel set.  Seeing that the Swiss know how to make things, including very fast and extremely expensive Catamarans, I bought a pair of DOPE wheels from the Village Peddler.  I don't know maybe it's the water over there but products that are swiss made seem to work right out of the box.  These wheels in particular have very little rolling resistence which equals fast desents.  They are on the heaverier side but from what I understand they'll hold up better and stay True.  The 9mm & 10mm axels fit the dropouts perfectly with a really great custom  quick release  system that is unbeatable.  White is usually not a mtb color which is why these wheels are covered in dirt and mud and look Cool.  I always say function over asthetics and the DT SWISS EX 1750 are totally worth it.  Ride' em and you'll see for your self.

Kiteboarding season is almost here enjoy MTB as much as you can.

Kevin Mc