Helmet (POV) cams

Updated 2/2011 - The March 2010 issue of Bike magazine has a brief review of four popular HD helmet cams. The ones they reviewed are:


The review talks about features, but fails to mention video quality. All HD is not equal, so I wanted to check it out before I considered buying anything.

Fortunately, footage taken by all of the cameras can be found online. I checked out all but the $600 model, and found the video shot by the GoPro HD Hero to be head and shoulders above the other two ~$300 HD POV cameras.

Sadly, the HD Hero is also the biggest and ugliest of the three. I guess you can't have everything, but the HD Hero is the one I plan to get. Buy the GoPro HD Helmet HERO Camera here. Post a review if you've used any of these devices, or if you recommend some other solution.

Here's a sweet little video taken with the GoPro HD Hero for you to check out. Click around the GoPro site to find some great MTB footage!