China Camp State Park

The front side of China Camp follows a long stretch of North San Pedro Road, which crosses highway 101 in San Rafael. Rides can start from almost anywhere there's parking along North San Pedro Road inside the park, since a bike trail parallels the road, but the most popular place to meet for rides is in the wide parking area by the Ranger Kiosk. To begin the ride from this location, ride into the park past the kiosk and head up the trail to the right. Climb and climb. When presented with a fork in the road, go up. Then you'll eventually get to a paved road, known as "The Bitch." As in, "that climb was a bitch!" Go up the road and you're at the former Nike missile site with panoramic views of the Bay Area. I don't want to give up my favorite trails from here. Let's just say there are lots of them! You might be wondering why I refer to this as the "front side." That's because there's another side to this mountain, out of park bounds. The back side of China Camp is affectionately known as BCC.