"The secret to mountain biking is pretty simple. The slower you go, the more likely it is you'll crash."
Julie Furtado

"If you're not crashing, you're going too slow."
Furtado's Paradox
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MCOSD Meeting to Kill Appetite Seminar?

Apparently the dark forces of Sauron are marshaling their strength again to restrict mountain bike access. This time, they are spitefully trying to put a stop to the traditional Thanksgiving day Pine Mountain ride, AKA "The Appetite Seminar," started in 1975. Please attend the meeting on October 29th from 8:30-12:30 to speak in support of MTB access to MCOSD lands.

It takes a lot of crashes...

Kenny's backyard sesh

Kenny's backyard sesh from Laurent-O Martin on Vimeo.

Halloween Trail Daze in Downieville, October 29 - 30

Trail work, barbecue and Halloween contest in Downieville, October 29-30. 

I thought a run-in with a deer was bad...


I heard that Biketoberfest was a blast this year, but couldn't make it myself. Post your comments and photos.

Tamarancho Trail News, 9/2011

September 2011              Editor: Danny Forer

Tamarancho Trail News
Mountain Biking Events


Table of Contents:     

  1. Half Year Passes Now on Sale
  2. Biketoberfest- Sunday Sept. 25
  3. MCBC Takes It Off-Road
  4. Ask Mr. Tamarancho
  5. "Mountain Biking Marin" Skill Clinics

Nor Cal Help

 Any" Off the beaten path" Primitive Camp sites in the Sierra FootHills that i can set up camp for 3-4 days, ride 20+ miles a day and still get a camping site for this weekeknd?   It is a solo man trip, wife and kids are out of town and i have the week to myself.  Cant wait to get out and explore a little.  


Any feedback would be great.  


STOKE - Whistler Downhill

Rock to Fox

There is a full moon this Thursday, so it seems like an ideal night to ride the Big Rock Ridge.

Bike Theft Suspects Caught

I'm glad to see these guys were caught because I spend a lot of time in Fairfax and bike thieves suck. A good samaritan prevented one of the suspects from stealing an $8,000 bike from the Albertsons lot, and then later identified him in a line-up: