"The secret to mountain biking is pretty simple. The slower you go, the more likely it is you'll crash."
Julie Furtado

"If you're not crashing, you're going too slow."
Furtado's Paradox
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Tamarancho Trail News, 7/2011

JULY 2011              Editor: Danny Forer

Tamarancho Trail News
Mountain Biking Events


Table of Contents:     

  1. Half Year Passes Now on Sale
  2. Summer at Tamarancho
  3. Computer Donation Wanted for Tamarancho
  4. Repack Flashback Benefit Party - Sunday, July 10
  5. "Mountain Biking Marin" Skill Clinics


Amazing rider Brendan Howey shows us how to flow with the trail...

Banshee Spitfire

If you don't want to ride after watching this, then check your pulse. You may be dead.

Klunkers and Bent Seatposts

Many old-school 26" wheel bikes, also known as cruisers or klunkers, have 7/8" seatposts. The 7/8" size (i.e. 0.875" or 22.2mm) is also used by many children's bikes and BMX bikes. 

I have found that there is a shortage of good 7/8" seatposts available that can support the weight of a 200 plus pound rider (see right). So it occurred to me to order a solid aluminum or steel rod and use the old "side-bolt" seat rail clamp that's already on there now.

Here's what I found that looked promising:


ALES and Trails in China Camp.  get it on your schedules.  was a great time last few years...

Mountain Bike Camping

I just got back from a couple of nights at Back Ranch Meadows walk-in/bike-in campground at China Camp State Park. It's a great place to camp, with or without a bike. But with MTB-legal singletrack encircling the campground, bike camping is ideal 

Any other recommendations for bike camping? Spring is here.


Santa Cruz Mountain Bike Festival

...an exciting two day event that includes professional and amateur jump competitions, short track races, bike skill clinics and shuttles with bike industry expo and demo area.


Bike Art


Post a cycling quote in your status and, when I have a few good ones, I'll put them into a poll so everyone can vote for one to go on the home page.

Dropper Posts: Are they worth it?

Hite-Rite Back in the day, I had a Hite Rite on my mountain bike. It was the original "dropper" and I loved it. Although the need met by the Hite Rite never went away, these simple spring-assist seat height adjusters haven't been made for over a decade. For awhile people either went with fixed post height or got off their bikes and dropped their seats manually.

It's a pain in the ass to disrupt the flow and get off the bike to drop the seat for the tricky stuff, but I have regretted leaving the seat too high on many occasions after ronching my balls or going over the bars. Conversely, leaving the seat too low kills you on the climbs, so most riders had to stop to lower or raise the seat several times per ride.

Then along came the Joplin hydraulic dropper post and the game changed. Unlike the old Hite Rite, which required some sketchy one-handed riding while reaching back and loosening the seatpost quick-release, the Joplin had an optional handlebar remote to quickly lower your seat without dismounting or slowing down before rough terrain. Despite this advantage, the Joplin is notorious for seat wobble and reliability issues.