"The secret to mountain biking is pretty simple. The slower you go, the more likely it is you'll crash."
Julie Furtado

"If you're not crashing, you're going too slow."
Furtado's Paradox
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MarinMTB News

Login and check out the rides section for some new trail maps. Post some of your own. I've been having good luck with the iPhone 4 in my camelbak, running the Trails app. You can use this and other apps to post to everytrail.com, copy the map code and embed it into this site by using the Source button (login to see this example).

Read or post reviews here if you have any other GPS recommendations.

And here's a nice picture to look at from today's ride, with The Bay in the distance.

Tamarancho Trail News, 2/2011

February 2011              Editor: Danny Forer

Tamarancho Trail News
Mountain Biking Events 


Table of Contents:     

  1. 2011 Tamarancho Annual Passes Now on Sale
  2. Tamarancho Trailwork Schedule
  3. "When it Rains, Let it Drain"
  4. One Way Direction? Input Requested

Bike GPS Garmin Watch

for any of you that were looking to get a BIKE GPS to track your mileage, heart rate, training goals, what have you... i recently purchased the GARMIN 405 GPS Watch with the heart rate monitor...  i must say the thing gives out more information than i know what to do with.  I very rarely lose reception and if it does fall out, it re-syncs very quickly. the only fall back is that it is not the most stylish watch and i would not suggest wearing it to a dressier affair. 

2 thumbs up for the Garmin 405. 

Helmet (POV) cams

Updated 2/2011 - The March 2010 issue of Bike magazine has a brief review of four popular HD helmet cams. The ones they reviewed are:


The review talks about features, but fails to mention video quality. All HD is not equal, so I wanted to check it out before I considered buying anything.

Klunkerz Interview on KQED

If you haven't seen Klunkerz yet, support Billy Savage and buy a copy. This is an interview on KQED radio with some of the key figures of mountain biking history.

 Download audio (MP3) 

Modern mountain biking was born on the trails of Mount Tamalpais in Marin County in the 1970s. We talk to some of the pioneers of the sport who are featured in a new documentary, "Klunkerz."


Lighting Systems

Bike lights are pretty basic, so it's surprising that a decent light suited to mountain biking will set you back at least a couple hundred bucks, when all you need to make your own light is a bulb, a battery and some wire. A good switch is also nice to have and so is a clever mounting system...

You've gotta be f*&%ing kidding me...

The Marin Independent Journal posted an article Thursday regarding a consultancy firm hired to argue why an environmental impact study was not necessary for the 2.9 mile "Metallica Fence" bypass trail on Loma Alta.

Wild West Mountain Bike Weekend

Come up and join us for this fun weekend of adventure and rides. 


Hard core and early birds arrive. 


Spring Epic 2010

Epic trails created by Forest Trails Alliance. If anyone wants to make it, it could be an overnighter at their cabin they have. The event is all weekend but I will be there riding Friday.  Checkout the link and let me know if anyones interested.  Forest is out near Downieville.  http://www.sierratrails.org/events/spring_epic_2010