"The secret to mountain biking is pretty simple. The slower you go, the more likely it is you'll crash."
Julie Furtado

"If you're not crashing, you're going too slow."
Furtado's Paradox
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pacifica goodness.

 have to edit the bunch but here is a run down boyscout.

"single chainrings and the detrimental effects on bicycle suspensions"

Mountain bike suspension has many factors that alter its performance when riding flats, ascents and descents. I had never considered how gravitational forces act differently upon the suspension according to the incline, until I read this fascinating (to me, at least) article by Dave Weagle, mountain bike suspension designer (notably of the DW-Link system used on many different bikes, including my Ibis Mojo).

The Materials Science of Bike Frames, Part 1

I came across a thread at mtbr.com on the relative merits of different mountain bike frame materials. The discussion went round and round with a lot of anecdotal evidence and "I knew a guy who broke his [aluminum, carbon fiber] frame..." stories.

New Features

We now have facebook-style status updates, for crap that doesn't warrant an entry in the event or forum sections. A few new data fields have also been added to your user profile pages.

Registered users can check out the new features at http://marinmtb.com/user/ and look for the Latest Status Updates block along the left.

The site was officially launched less than a month ago, on 2/4/2010, so check back for updates, feel free to suggest areas for improvement, and recommend the site to your riding buddies!


"Illegal" trails (editorial)

Those of us who ride in Marin suffer from trail paranoia. And rightly so. There are people trying to mischaracterize mountain bikers as destroyers of the environment. They are all over the blogs and forums, and I'm sure this site will be next. All three of these horseback-riding assholes try their best to make it look like mountain bikers are some fringe element. They are the fringe element.

The whole notion of illegal trails is absurd.

"But erosion caused by illegal mountain biking could hurt the ecosystem."

Shop at the Flea Market

The Marin MTB Flea Market is a place for Marin MTB users to sell, buy and barter mountain bike, cyclocross and klunker swag.

Big Mount Tam Beach Loop

Recorded the first half of the ride with my iPhone GPS. When I got home, I plotted it in Google Earth, then drew in the rest with Photoshop. We rode out of downtown Mill Valley.